Position Title: Chaplain
Responsible to: Administrator
Department: Chaplain Services
Salary: Minimum 40 hours per week
Purpose and Description
To provide opportunities for residents to engage in worship and fellowship events. As Chaplain, you are a vital member of the resident care team. This is a professional position, and the primary purpose of your job position is to contribute to the spiritual and emotional needs of each resident, family member, and staff as needed.
The Chaplain is responsible for the implementation of the daily Chaplain services aimed at meeting the goals and objectives of the Grove Manor Board of Directors and its Nursing Homes. These services are available to all patients, residents, clients, families, and staff.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
An understanding of the inter-connectedness of the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the chronically ill and their families. A thorough knowledge and understanding of the nursing home organization. Ability to plan, organize and implement religious services. Show initiative and resourcefulness in developing individual resident and facility-wide resident/family religious support. It is essential to possess excellent people skills to develop a meaningful rapport
with residents, families, staff and community.
• Education
o A Bachelor’s degree in Theology, or a related ministry field preferred.
• Training
o A minimum of one Clinical Pastor Educational Unit preferred.
o A minimum of one year ministry experience.
• Personal Requirements
o Approved credentials and a solid standing in and endorsement from the Allegheny Regional Conference of the Churches of God or one approved by the Allegheny Regional Conference appropriate commission.
o Demonstrable value placed on the importance of working as a team both within
and outside the department.
o Good interpersonal and socialization skills.
o Ability to be assertive yet flexible.
o Ability to delegate.
 Duties and Responsibilities
• In your capacity as a Chaplain, represent Grove Manor Board of Directors and the
Allegheny Regional Conference of the Churches of God institution’s mission and
philosophy in ways that honor God.
• Be a positive representative of Grove Manor Board of Directors and its Homes to the community and beyond.
• Participate in accomplishing Grove Manor’s expectation of 24/7 Chaplain coverage for its residents, staff and families as needed.
• Participate in on-going required Chaplain trainings and reflection process for
current Chaplains.
• In co-operation with Grove Manor staff, residents, and families establish an order
of priority in determining which residents need and desire pastoral care. This care shall include needs relating to anxiety, depression, terminal illness, and emotional factors affecting health. The Chaplain shall visit residents in hospitals, and perform funerals as requested.
• As part of the Chaplain’s duties, time will be allowed for him/her to attend annual
Allegheny Regional Conference sessions and additionally any other events required by the Conference to maintain a working relationship with the Allegheny Regional
• In co-operation with the Administrator and activities department that Chaplain shall ensure that adequate Sunday worship services, special services, devotions and Bible studies are available to the patient/resident/client population of all Christian faiths.
• Host area church leaders and, when possible, be involved within the area ministerial council.
• Represent the institution pastorally to the local community, including public speaking and attendance at social gatherings when invited.

• The Chaplain’s day-to-day activities are managed by the Grove Manor Administrator. The Chaplain ministry shall be guided and advised by the Grove Manor chaplain committee.
• He/she shall submit a written report monthly to the Chaplain Committee,
Administrator, Director of the Allegheny Regional Conference and Grove Manor
Corporation CEO.

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Job Location: Dublin VA

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