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ARC vLogs

In Phil’s VLOG this week he shares ARC Conference Session Thank You’s, Election results and welcome to President Dean Hay, Vice President Pastor Doug Nolt, Ad Council members Chloe DeVincent and Pastor George Marasia.

In this week’s vlog, Pastor Marcie Marasia, Director of Discipleship, talks about discipling others with Social Distancing and into the future.

In Phil’s Vlog this week he shares an update from Global Reach, an update from conference, and some thoughts from the ARC townhall about reopening our churches. You can find the Vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reQarBytNKw


In this edition director Phil Scott will be sharing on these topics:

Register NOW for Conference May 16.
Day of Prayer and Fasting April 22.
ARC Town Hall: Gathering Safely Panel Discussion Friday, April 24, 1:00pm.
Test Conference Session Friday, April 28, 7:00pm.

In Phil’s Vlog he reflects on five reset buttons God has pushed in our lives and ministries. He also shares important updates on the Camping Season and Conference in Session. You can find the video on our Youtube Home Page under Allegheny Region Conference CGGC or by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/9PuFCzx4sEM

Phil’s VLOG for March 31, 2020 has encouragement from Experiencing God, Day by Day by Blackaby and Blackaby. We are praying for you as you canoe the mountains and God is expanding your territory. We will be working this week on understanding the stimulus and how it applies to the church, what we are doing for Conference Sessions, Budget, and the Camping Season. We are loving your messages and having the opportunity to participate with all of you who are broadcasting. Time to Shine! You can find the video at https://youtu.be/pU6tJvq9S5I

In Phil’s Vlog this week He asks the question, “How are we doing discipleship in this electronic world?” This is especially critical to answer if blogger Craig Groeschel and others are right in planning to be back in the building for worship in September. He also links a Brady Shearer Youtube Video; “Online Worship for Smaller Churches” that is worth a peek. You can find the ARC Journey Vlog here: https://youtu.be/ZsGPZCJPsxk.